Recruiting for Good Launches Service Helping Parents Gift Kids Birthday Trips to Do Good and See the World

Fun social staffing service, Recruiting for Good helps parents fund travel to gift kids’ birthday trips to make a difference; cruises for good, Boy/Girl Scouts, and volunteer destinations. Parents participate by making referrals to earn all-inclusive rewarded trips for kids to change and see the world for good.

Press Release

Dec 30, 2015

Recruiting for Good is a social staffing service, with a mission to help people travel and see the world for good; and is working collaboratively to fund gift travel[1] for family and friends’ anniversaries, birthdays, and honeymoons.

Parents and family members make professional referrals to enable recruiting for good and earn travel rewards with adventure travel companies, cruises, and resorts providing kids opportunities to make a difference. Funded travel destinations for kids to do good in the world include flights.

Why Gift Kids Travel for Good? 

According to an article written by Maria Shriver[2],  travel teaches kids, “Flexibility, self-belief, respect, awareness, presence, and brings history to life.”

“We are using recruiting for good collaboratively to help parents gift kids positive life experiences that change the way they see the world for good. When kids travel to make a difference, they transform; and come back with long lasting life lessons, a desire to contribute, and bring value to their family, friends, and community.” says Carlos Cymerman, Founder, Recruiting for Good[3].


Recruiting for Good has been connecting Information Technology and Engineering professionals to great jobs since 1998. We help companies find talented professionals in a timely manner, and share proceeds to help fund gift travel. Our fun mission is “Helping People See the World for Good.” For more information about using Recruiting for Good, please check out

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