Photo shoot celebrating a special birthday: The BMW M1 Art Car by Andy Warhol.

Munich. “I love this car. It’s more successful than
the artwork,” was the opinion of Andy Warhol after his sweeping brush
strokes had transformed the BMW M1. It took him less than half an hour
to create the fourth exhibit in the BMW Art Car Collection. 40 years
later, enthusiasm for the mid-engined sports car remains unabated.
Already world-famous at that time, the US icon of Pop Art shared the
same passion with many automobile fans of that bygone era. And the
fascination of the unique special created by Warhol has indeed
increased. Many fans regard his Art Car as the highlight of the entire
collection. It’s therefore hardly surprising that Munich-based
automobile photographer Stephan Bauer spontaneously opted for the BMW
M1 finished in the Warhol design when he was selecting his dream
subject on four wheels. Last year, Bauer (29) emerged as the victor in
the Social Media Contest “Shootout 2018” organised by BMW Group
Classic and he was given the opportunity for an exclusive photo shoot
with BMW Art Car Number Four. A series of photos was created to mark
the 40th birthday of the BMW M1 designed by Andy Warhol. They provide
a completely new perspective on one of the most legendary vehicles
from the history of BMW.

Five photographic artists entered their best shots from the world of
BMW classic cars in the “Shootout 2018” competition held on the
Instagram social media platform. BMW Group Classic joined forces with
BMW Culture, BMW Motorsport, BMW M GmbH and BMW subsidiary companies
in several international markets for the joint project. It focused the
attention of young target groups on the numerous motor-sport successes
and record chases with vehicles and engines from BMW over the past 100
years. The prize for the winner was an enthralling photo shoot with a
vehicle of their choice from the comprehensive collection of BMW Group
Classic. The choice of the winner fell on the BMW M1 in the powerful
470 hp racing version produced in conformity with Group 4 regulations.
40 years ago, this automobile both celebrated its sporting debut in
the Procar Series and entered the annals of Pop Art history.

Against the backdrop of an old factory building in Cologne, Stephan
Butler choreographed a spectacular contrast between the brightly
coloured Art Car and the dour grey of the abandoned industrial
structure. At a subsequent outdoor session, laser search lights
shrouded the BMW M1 in a positively mystical atmosphere. In both
settings, the Art Car kept emerging from a completely new perspective
– and always to perfection. The results of the photo shoot are posted
on the Facebook page
of BMW Group Classic
[1] and on the Instagram Account of
BMW Group Classic

Andy Warhol’s Art Car proved to be a dream subject for the recent
photo shoot in Cologne. The artist himself made things much more
difficult for the photographers. 40 years ago, the cameras had hardly
been set up when Warhol had already finished painting the bodywork in
all the colours of the rainbow. As the artist explained later, his
speed was a reflection of the statement made by his work of art: “I
attempted to show speed as a visual image. When an automobile is
really travelling fast, all the lines and colours are transformed into
a blur.”

Very soon after the last brush stroke had been applied, the BMW M1
styled by Warhol demonstrated just how fast an artwork can be. In June
1979, the BMW M1 emblazoned with start number 76 competed in the 24
Hour Race of Le Mans. German driver Manfred Winkelhock, and Frenchmen
Hervé Poulain and Marcel Mignot drove the Art Car to second place in
its class and achieved a ranking of six in the overall standings.


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